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Written by jan forest on 22. Mar, 2017
hi - could you help please with NAME and contact with person who wrote Narberth Story: Finding the Plot (10 year battle for allotments) thanks so much,

Written by Lisa steer on 23. Jun, 2016
Hi I have heard you may have some hens for sale

Written by Kiri Howell on 11. Jun, 2014
Hi all, I am keen to discuss the volunteering and involvement opportunities available with Friends of the Earth local groups (Pembs, Ceredigion and Carms). I am working within these areas to raise the profile of the work that the local groups do - please contact me (or contact the local groups directly) if you would like to assist/plan further events!

Written by Charlie Mason on 21. Aug, 2013
Vicky, or whoever is dealing with electric car club questions. How much does it cost to buy or lease a car ?.
£25 per month, £1 per day and 10p per mile, would mean £225 pounds for 2 x 2 day (48 hours) trips to London (1000 miles), is that right ?

How much use do you need before the purchase or lease cost is covered/ repaid?

Look forward to the answers

Written by Gail Clayton on 10. Oct, 2012
Hi Vicky, i met you at the Eco fair yesterday, thanks for all the info. What is the name of the solar thermal grant so i can research if it is available in Carms?
This is a photo of our holiday let.

Written by donnchadh on 31. Aug, 2012
maith thú a Vicky.

Written by Loz on 27. Aug, 2012
really inspired.. there's such a need for this stuff. I love your list of training.. there's so much I'd love to get involved with..

Written by Rosalee Keane on 8. Sep, 2010
hello Vicky just stumbled on your site and feel a frisson of excitement that there are pro active people like you actually getting it all together. Hope to make a start at least by joining the eco tours for inspiration. Go girl! Rosa x

Written by katie on 18. Jun, 2010
cheers 4 the msg on the ecovillage site, i like your site - am just having a quick nose now, but will read more later - looks like there are some excellent constructive things happening around you,

the green burial ground was somethin i was thinkin about for the eco-village - not sure if every1 will be up4it, will see how the meeting goes, but if we're planning on replanting woodland anywayz..............

Written by steve craft on 21. Jan, 2010
Hi Vicky - can you give me a link to info on the water power day you organised and ideally a contact who can help me progress plans to get power from my stream. Thanks

Written by Penina S. Finger on 19. Jun, 2009
Hi Vicky, Was just researching the Growing Hearts controversy and wondered about your perspectives. The actions seem unnecessarily harsh, harmful to wildlife in particular… but this is introduced conifers, not ancient woodland. Clear-cutting is upsetting to see, either way.

Written by Cassandra Lishman on 14. Apr, 2008
Hi Vicky, great to see you've got info on the web, onwards & upwards!

Written by Jack Johnson on 1. Mar, 2008
Hi, Just thought I should express my admiration for your cause and the enthusiasm apparent in the county for greener methods. I will also take the opportunity to sing the praises of wood-burning stoves installed either as room heaters or as central heating systems which offer a carbon neutral form of home heating. I hope to grow our business into greener areas in the future and any suggestions are welcome but for the moment I will offer extra discounts off our wood stoves for anyone in the county who mentions your group to us. I'm currently working on a new website which will include prices but until it's up visit us at

Written by Natasha on 28. Nov, 2007
Good to see this new site, thanks to you Vicky. Hope it helps to spread the word, and here's another pic of you.


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Hi, do you have any adze in the shop at the moment? thanks

14.04 | 09:58

Have you or can you suggest any use for rosettes awarded at the agricultural shows please?

23.03 | 18:06

Hi from Ellie at Pembs. FOE I can't make it to your Green Fair ,but will try and bring some info. about latest campaigns etc. this Friday for a display board.

01.12 | 23:31

Is there an local organisation in SouthWest Wales for smallholders and allotment holders to sell excess produce from their holding for income?

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