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Hydro is outstanding as a renewable for the simple reason that it is quite constant, more in Winter and easy to maintain and repair, and the turbine can last generations.

It is least used, and least regarded by government, and there are very few installers. Obvious reasons are that cities have little resource, being on flat bits of land!

We are involved with hydro installation, and are accepting investors who get a good return for doing good things with.

If you have hydro potential or want to invest, get in touch.
01239 820971

Hydro needs falling water, the steeper the better. If you use a flat river you need a lot more equipment to turn the slighter flow into significant power.

Regulations are a hurdle, because there are so many consenting processes with all the usual bureaucracy of people whose lives are at desks and dont understand the need to get a job done. They cite 2 year delays, surely not necessary!

The Feed in Tariffs offer silly sums, so worth seizing the offering while it lasts. Government would be wise to continue with hydro FITs as it delivers for the long-term and you can live within it, AND it isnt prone to the level of variability of wind and sun. (hydro goes down in hot summers when you can live without power, get out and garden instead, but also sometimes in frozen winter when you should get out and enjoy the snow!)

Regulations are needed for hydro, unlike the other renewables, but they need to be changed from 'not unless i say so' to 'yes if you do so and so'
Hydro can:
cause floods where you impound water, and where you return it to the water course
starve the occupants of the stream if you take too much water
stop fish migrating
chew them up in the blades if you dont screen the intake.
The civil engineering works can be mega, and hydro can be pretty impressively visible.
Neighbours can loose their water for animals or loose the chance to have hydro themselves.

Cant our streams do without fish, so we can have power? Well in the greater scheme of things food is more important than power, but some balancing ofcourse.


Starting from my experience here are some very local renewables installers and ideas on kit for the home.

WASHING MACHINES  which last, cost next to nothing to repair, and need never be scrapped,
Check out ISE a bunch of engineers who, sick of corporate made-to-waste washing machines went in the opposite direction, made them to last, be easy for anyone to maintain, easy to repair, no mark-up on parts, and super long guarentees.
I am ordering 2, if anyone wants one it will be cheaper to buy together as they are made in Europe and transported from Scotland.

We produced a DVD on Microgeneration in West Wales called
Within Our Power.
It is beautiful and inspirational and informative and only 24 mins long. Cost £5, or you can see it at the EcoCentre.
DVD case showing some of the people we visited to see what worked well for them, and what didn't. Solar, wind, water electric, thermal and passive only. (no biofuels or GSHP, no space)

Solar thermal, reedbeds, springfed water

Jamie has installed solar hot water at 15 houses local to us, he lost count of the reedbeds, they include caravan parks.
Spring fed water supplies also save huge amounts of energy that would go into the cleaning and supply of mains water.

Jamie Ashe 01239 821176
Solar thermal
Reed bed sanitation
Spring fed water supplies
Hydro electricity

church in Cilgwyn receiving its energy from celestial sources, panels by Genersys

Wind and solar electric

Bob Robarts, Sustainergy, installs renewable energy - Wind and solar electricity in Wales

Again, lots of happy installations, amazing how much power some people get from their wind.

(I have met unhappy wind power owners, from different installers, good information is essential)

Unhappy installations include widows whose late husbands were keen on the project, they feel lumbered with it.

Veg Oil Motoring

Converts vehicles to run on pure veg oil, also supplies the fuel with tax paid.
Daniel Blackburn has supported CO2 reduction for years and was the first to drive from Lands End to John O’ Groats on pure vegetable oil.

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