Genedl Transition Cymru?

Learning to rotavate - for community vegetables


See Transition para below for context to this section

Land Ahoy - the search for Allotments

For a long time people in Newport have been looking for land for allotments, but with no luck.
Here we are offering some land for allotments and people are travelling several miles to use it, others live on the spot. No the miles taken to get there don't make it a bad idea, food miles are much worse, and the other benefits are huge.

And it's a step. Maybe it will help bring really local allotments closer.
This year we had ginormous leeks from the land, used in gifts of thankyou for services in the district. Now the green manure is mulched (with black plastic, sorry) waiting for Spring. So far 5 families are interested in growing there.

Above: Ms Jones learns to plough

The transition town movement started in 2005 and is currently sweeping the world.

In Pembrokeshire there are around 10 transition initiatives, all different. The idea is that the locality finds its way out of depending on fossil fuels.

This is driven by:
1. Depletion, especially of oil bringing economic instability as the global economy slows down.  'Peak Oil' - a warning cry from oil scientists last year, is now official.
2. Climate change driven by burning fossil fuels. As we stop burning them, we stop causing climate change. This overarching catastrophe has its own momentum, more than mortals can face, we need the  shield of transition.

3. And now credit crunch, or global capitalism's eating of itself. Our Global Economy is predicated on fossil fuels. Getting free of them means relocalising our economy, re-uniting with our own lovely natural resources. This provides resilience, a warm insulation from the effects of crunching monsters.

4. And anyway transition is fun, 'more of a party than a protest', it means neighbours seeing a lot of each other, with intent. Intent to support each other and trade, have ideas, solve problems, be creative. Intent to take the leadership in solving the world's problems. Wicked!

The transition movement has a hand-book and practical guides, see the websites. There is a 12-step stimulating package. The results around Britain are diverse, with stand-stills, forward strides, diversions...
Llandeilo has 4 acres of allotments and also traditional apple orchards up and away, other areas have their own currency, others are strong on healing and hearts and minds, some like ours have an awesome array of renewables...

Somerset declared last week as the first UK Transition County, the notes of the Council meeting are exemplory.

Tonight we in Plaid Cymru Preseli meet to discuss a motion to national conference on Wales becoming a Transition Nation, we are already declaring ourselves a Fair Trade one.

I have contact details for lots of transition initiatives in Pembrokeshire, and Wales.
phone: 01239 820971

Local currency

In Cilgwyn we are planning a local currency for products under the skirts of Carningli, the local mountain.
There are over 25 products available for Inglis - from manure to massage, bread to biodiesel, sewing to solar panels, we are designing the notes (illustration above was not chosen). They will be sterling linked, different to LETS. You get I10 Inglis for £9 sterling, encouraging local circulation.


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Ernest | Reply 01.12.2015 23.31

Is there an local organisation in SouthWest Wales for smallholders and allotment holders to sell excess produce from their holding for income?

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Hi, do you have any adze in the shop at the moment? thanks

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Have you or can you suggest any use for rosettes awarded at the agricultural shows please?

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Hi from Ellie at Pembs. FOE I can't make it to your Green Fair ,but will try and bring some info. about latest campaigns etc. this Friday for a display board.

01.12 | 23:31

Is there an local organisation in SouthWest Wales for smallholders and allotment holders to sell excess produce from their holding for income?

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