restoring the local economy and lifestyle - a local currency can make a difference



Local currencies are one of the fun things done by Transition Towns and communities, to help their economy and sense of identity. I see this as a symbolic step out of the doldrums of the global economy. As the Ingli is exchangeable for sterling it is not really an alternative currency, more an everlasting gift token.

Local currencies can advertise the many services and products people have to offer, and reduce the need to drive miles, or import things, improving our carbon footprint, (feetprint?)

There is lots of info about local and alternative currencies. Hope to get around to providing links. This one was inspired by the Totnes pound and the variety and abundance of little enterprises growing out or the wild Preseli soil. It is more an experiment at this stage than a grand statement.


You can buy Inglis from 'the Banc' at Fachongle Isaf, Cilgwyn 01239 820971

The exchange rate is 90p for 1 Ingli.

They can be spent at the participating enterprises. You can pay with a mixture of Inglis and sterling. Pence should be paid in sterling.

Businesses can charge a mixture of Inglis and sterling. Pay part GB pounds in sterling, not Inglis.

If you receive Inglis you can use them locally or exchange them for sterling at 'the Banc'. You will only get 90p for each Ingli.

There is no obligation on participating business to continue taking Inglis, they can drop in and out of the scheme.

Enterprises should register with the banc. Enterprises outside the shadow of CarnIngli may join the scheme if the Carningli enterprises are agreeable.

There is an annual recall date, 1st March. The first recall date will be 1st March 2011. Please let the banc know how many Inglis you have in store, spend them or cash them by this date. Registered businesses will be reminded to do this. There is a one year extension for the forgetful.

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22.01 | 19:00

Hi, do you have any adze in the shop at the moment? thanks

14.04 | 09:58

Have you or can you suggest any use for rosettes awarded at the agricultural shows please?

23.03 | 18:06

Hi from Ellie at Pembs. FOE I can't make it to your Green Fair ,but will try and bring some info. about latest campaigns etc. this Friday for a display board.

01.12 | 23:31

Is there an local organisation in SouthWest Wales for smallholders and allotment holders to sell excess produce from their holding for income?

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