Jan 11
HOPE for land in Newport for allotments, but everything under wraps.. hopefully not for long.

Allotment day in Narberth - We heard of the growings springing up all over Wales. The Federation (of city farms and community gardens) membership has grown from 8 to something like 200 in a couple of years, and this number is the tip of the iceberg, says Katie Jones.

It was something to be at a meeting where everyone was talking about real stuff, even the agencies. In the poorest areas there are plenty of agencies and land, and not enough growers, in the better off areas the land is clung onto and communities of growers wander round like the lost tribe in the wilderness seeking their miniscule promised land.

So it was in Newport where in October we mustered £76,000 to bid for land on the edge of town worth 50,000 ish, it went for £86,000. A young friend said, 'Of course, Newport hasn't got its superstore yet'.

None of which could dim the glow of hearing about the inventive ways people are achieving the land for the people in small dribs and drabs. One community on the North Wales border bought their mountain with a ruined castle by selling shares to the community. Every family came to celebrate. It now has an orchard, fun and allotments on it. Pembrokeshire was highlighted as haveing most initiatives. We went to see Narberth Allotments, 2 years old nearly. Beautiful to walk in and meet sunny old-fashioned normality. People digging, diverse inventive ways to scare birds and protect food, tiny huts, colourful, full of food and humanity.

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New this year is Fishgaurd and Saundersfoot allotments and more are springing up all over the county. (poor old Newport, too rich to give up any land). The main pic is from Fishguard in october, only planted a few months earlier. People comment that it looks as if it had been there forever. Same view in March below.

more on Welsh government and allotments etc below

Fishguard allotments march 2010
Plaid Cynru's Leanne Wood led the campaign for more allotments and community land for food production after visiting Cuba and in the light of Peak Oil as well as the climate challenge and the snake of recession, coiling and hissing ominously.
There is a Welsh government commitment to use extra powers to give land to the people where they need it, in and around settlements.

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Hi, do you have any adze in the shop at the moment? thanks

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Have you or can you suggest any use for rosettes awarded at the agricultural shows please?

23.03 | 18:06

Hi from Ellie at Pembs. FOE I can't make it to your Green Fair ,but will try and bring some info. about latest campaigns etc. this Friday for a display board.

01.12 | 23:31

Is there an local organisation in SouthWest Wales for smallholders and allotment holders to sell excess produce from their holding for income?

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