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steve barson who bought Navitron and made it the biggest renewables company in UK (for a long time) giving a course on the delightfully simple solar hot water system you can install with minimal cost and difficulty

It is frustrating to see renewables too expensive for those who most need them. It would be nice if they were as common as owning a cat or a hoover and more use than both.

So Cilgwyn community got a grant to help a bunch of locals install. This is nearly at an end, there may be a few grants left for solar hot water or biomass, ie wood for heating but get in touch asap.

Anything getting a grant has to be MCS, ie Micro certification scheme approved. Easy for solar hot water, but few wood stoves are. Most are industrial looking boxes you would keep in a shed or utility space. One looks like a lush log fire for the living room which is what it is. It supplies 15 kw to water, 10 to roomheat. This, the Broseley Evolution 26 is a dead simple system (cold water pressurised) and feelds straight into the existing cylinder. To get the grant for biofuels you have to kick out your fossil fuel central heating if you havent already done so.

If you fail to get a grant with this nearly finished funding project, despair not because:

You can self install solar hot water for under a grand. That is a great deal, absurd not to do it, provided you use enough hot water for washing and have somewhere in the sun for the panel(s).

Get in touch via the visitor page for info or ring 01239 820971

Re the wood fuel stove, if you have a wood supply and your limbs work, and you need to heat your home, then get into wood fuel. First reduce your heating down to a tiny need with any method you can.. insulation, smaller living space in winter, more occupants or heat emitting machines.. jumpers, active lifestyle, passive house techniques. Then use a little wood to top up and your heating and conscience will be sorted. No more foul fossil fuel wars at your expense, and an I did my bit for climate tale to tell the descendents. And warmth.





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vicky moller | Reply 26.02.2013 11.31

morning rober, email me direct pls or phone vicky(at)

D C Roberts | Reply 26.02.2013 11.24

Vicky... just enquiring briefly about the possibility of inclusion in your solar hotwater grant scheme, before end of month. My textmail is via 07939663419

Mike Tearle, 01239 891700, 07814 381845 | Reply 20.02.2013 14.35

Hi vicky,
I'm interested in the solar panel grant for my hous in Penybryn. Are there any qualifying criteria that need to be met?

vicky moller 24.02.2013 09.54

mike, i fear i lost your email to send you the form for solar panel grant, do resend to this email: Sorry for the inefficiency.

vicky mollr 21.02.2013 22.33

i note email below says grant is £194,that should read £1,940. do email or phone vicky(at) or 01239 820971

vicky moller | Reply 20.02.2013 09.29

my direct email: Could you send yours as i dont think i can attach a form with this one. The solar hot water grant is £194, send a landline

Iwan Davies | Reply 20.02.2013 00.02

Hello, Vicky i would like to know more about the heating and solar system. Good timing boiler finished no hot water.

vicky moller 21.02.2013 22.28

i note message below says grant is 194, that should read £1,940 !
email quickly or send your landline or ring mine 01239 820971 vicky(at)

vicky 20.02.2013 09.15

my direct email: Could you send yours as i dont think i can attach a form with this one. The solar hot water grant is £194, send a landline

Wyn Vaughan | Reply 19.02.2013 17.09

I would be interested in learning more about the voucher scheme for solar
hot water and wood chip boilers.

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